EXPOSURE: Instagram, The World’s Largest Gallery

Jennifer Ford Art presents “Exposure: Instagram, the World’s Largest Gallery”, a group exhibition that features photographs from Instagram users that reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The works in the show are the result of each user’s opinion of six images that most accurately represent how they curate their feeds.

In a world where individuals increasingly prefer viewing images from friends, interests, and celebrities on Instagram, Exposure challenges the site-specific nature of these virtual artworks by placing them in a physical space. While contemporary in medium, the most popular Instagram feeds touch on subject-matter rooted in themes of art history: self-portraiture, still-life, interiors, and landscapes.

This exhibition aims to explore questions of technology, curation, and stylized aesthetics. How does a work of art change when its fluid medium on the internet is replaced the physical gallery wall? Is a photo more fleeting and immediate on an Instagram feed or in the temporal moments spent viewing it at an exhibition? How does the viewer comment and interact with a work of art more intimately through the screen or in person? Most importantly, what is the most meaningful way to share creative inspiration with others in today’s society?

Each artist will display 6 8″x8″ prints for sale from their feeds, and have the opportunity to present objects on display that relate to their online feed.