Jennifer Ford Art is pleased to present Dirt in Our Hands, a fine art exhibition exploring the spiritual connection between humans and the natural world. The exhibition will be on view at Jennifer Ford Art at 3223 Carroll Road from July 14 – August 13, 2016. An opening reception for the public will be held on Thursday, July 14, 2016 from 6:00-9:00 pm. Through a series of weekly hikes throughout the Midwest, six artists shaped a metamorphosing body of work both individually and collectively.  Each artist developed a connection with nature that inspired them to create work that explores the relationship between human, animal, and plant life.

Works of art in this exhibition are dictated largely by the methods inherent to the subject matter such as photography, illustration, sculpture, and printmaking. The elemental, biological, and chemical nature of the flora and fauna in our immediate surroundings inform larger environmental movements in topological, terrestrial, and planetary studies.  Indiana audiences will feel both a sense of comfort and displacement at the encounter of nature thoughtfully curated in the traditional white box atmosphere of an art gallery. Technology acts as the mediator between art and nature, however the spiritual nature of man in the midst of these diametrically opposed elements passes through the atmosphere of the exhibition.  Tapping into the origins of art, the artists in Dirt in Our Hands elevate their intentional contemporary creations through the diversity of Indiana’s indigenous environment. Artists in the exhibition are: Ashley Beatty-Kopang, Daniel Dienelt, Dennis Hettler, Justine Hettler, Jason Swisher, and Julie Wall.