Jennifer Ford Art is pleased to announce Carnie’s Coup, a group exhibition by Daniel Baxter, Jerrod Tobias, and Jason Rowland. Twentieth century philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin wrote about the “carnivalesque,” a term that describes carnivals in Medieval Europe which allowed temporary anarchy against the political, legal and ideological authorities of both church and state. Carnivals provided individuals an opportunity to engage in public discourse about new ideas and challenge the oppressions they faced.

Baxter, Rowland, and Tobias identify themselves as part of a contemporary arts revolution through their use of color and subversive subject matter. By acknowledging the ubiquity of art in our day which seeps into all aspects of our daily lives, the work in Carnie’s Coup aims to unite a growing arts community divided by age and socioeconomic background.

As an artist working in both two and three dimensional art, Daniel Baxter’s work invites his to viewers see alternative possibilities in objects they hadn’t considered before. This challenge of subjectivity is most acute in his Kreepy Doll which are animated by the gaze of each individual viewer. Jason Rowland’s combined pop and street art style challenges contemporary culture by subverting viewers’ expectations of traditional storylines in pop cultural icons with his own personal narrative arc. Jerrod Tobias prescribes to the conviction that the arts are the voice of the culture and the agent of social change. This belief is demonstrated by patterns in his work which echo the geometry of natural forms, while his subjects represent the chaotic state of humanity.