Alec Johnson + Cary Shafer – Bytes and Pieces

Jennifer Ford Art is pleased to announce Bytes and Pieces, the gallery’s first off-site exhibition that will be on view at Fort Wayne Cinema Center, Inc.’s Spectator Lounge (formerly Artlink) at 437 E Berry St # 1, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 from March 25 to April 13, 2016 with an opening reception to the public on Friday, April 1 from 6 to 9 pm. Bytes and Pieces will be available to view during scheduled movie times.

The exhibition will feature sculpture by Cary Shafer and Digital Art by Alec Johnson and include one collaborative piece. Bytes and Pieces explores the juxtaposition between the use of stone and steel in the production of art, against the use of computers and code in the same. In examining this difference in material and method, the exhibition seeks to highlight the similarities in artistic intention and execution shared by these seemingly disparate media. The physical sculptor’s tools being chisel, mallet, saw, welder, and sandpaper. The digital artist’s tools being computer, software, programming language, and syntax. Each is governed by limitations inherent in its tools and materials, and by rules set forth by the artist themselves in order to harness unlimited potential of expression.  The process of conceiving and executing a physical sculpture in stone and steel being surprisingly similar to the development of an interactive, generative digital art piece executed in code and electronics; each medium borne in an idea grounded in emotion.