Justine Hettler
Dirt In Our Hands

Justine was born in Fort Wayne, and lived in the surrounding area for most of her life.  Art was something she was interested in from a very early age, and she remember drawing along with her brother to Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station. Justine continued to develop my love of drawing and painting growing up, and received her Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art at the University of St. Francis. Since then, she has opened her online Etsy shop, Polar Root Studio, and enjoy being able to stay home with her two boys and work out of her little home studio.

Artist Statement

I am inspired by adventure. Adventure can mean looking further, into cultures and surroundings that differ from our own. Adventure can also mean looking closer, studying more intently the tiniest details of the nature that surrounds us. When outside “exploring” with my boys, I always end up with a handful of objects that caught my eye: a single piece of bark, nut shells, an oddly shaped flower bud, etc.  Each piece of nature I bring home has a quiet, secret beauty that I can study for hours.  I find interesting shapes, gorgeous color gradients, intricate lines, and hidden textures. With graphite, watercolour, and gouache, I work with those aspects I find most interesting. My hope for the viewer is for your experience to mirror my own intimate study of nature, and inspire your own adventures.