Julie Wall
Dirt In Our Hands

After obtaining a BFA from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, Wall opened Hedgehog Press near downtown Fort Wayne. Hedgehog Press is an independent fine art print shop that brings together an eclectic mix of emerging and established artists along with the public to provide educational and art-making opportunities for everyone through the creation of prints.

Artist Statement

Inspired by growth, transformation, and change I utilize an array of natural organic imagery paired with simplified geometric shapes to create pieces that depict a balance between two worlds. I am interested in the fragility of life and the unavoidable presence of death, and our necessity as a culture to fill our lives with things, people, and situations we find difficult to handle. Balance is essential: push and pull, give and take, ebb and flow, are ideologies behind my current work.

My recent work utilizes two different printmaking techniques: relief printing and intaglio printing. The two processes are opposite on another, one being and additive way to create an image and the other being subtractive. Pairing the two together allows me to explore the use of different textures and layering techniques that I find intriguing.

My more traditional 2-dimensional work is complimented by the use of 3-dimensional objects that are slightly altered to fit my overall theme. I enjoy creating work that not only hangs on a wall but also encompasses the space around the viewer bringing them into the work.