Jason Swisher
Dirt In Our Hands

Jason Swisher is a graphic artist and photographer born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46807. He currently operates his own commercial arts business by day, and enjoys listening to his son speak in third person while cutting sidewalks with a bubble mower in the evenings. He draws artistic inspiration from art history, outdoor adventures (nature or concrete based), street and documentary photography, sports and childhood nostalgia, rhythm & beats, and conversations with fellow artists.

Artist Statement

Nature’s role in my work is strictly an observation of the beauty and complexity that it displays, the serenity that it offers, and most importantly, the havoc that humanity forces upon it. This feeds my motivation and need to be in it, whether urban or rural, documenting what we have, what we loose, and how both sides affect each other’s existence. From the vegetation that takes over abandonment, rivers and banks that sit stagnant, soon to become mans playground, to the fields and ecosystems that breed biological life, these are the themes that inspire and motivate my imagery for the Dirt In Our Hands exhibition.