Dustin Hettler
Dirt In Our Hands

Dennis Micheal Stanley Hettler was born at the old St. Joe Hospital downtown Fort Wayne. Dennis grew up and lived all over the fort most of his life. He also lived in Pittsburgh for two years and spent many summers up north in Minnesota. Art has been a live current in his life since an early age. As an only child he grew up with an imagination that carries on today. Dennis grew up on graphic novels and comic books. The hard black lines of any given splash page in any given comic not only captured his imagination then, it still influences his work today with artists like Todd McFarlane, Michael Turner, Jim Lee, and Joe Kubert. As a teenager Dennis grew stored street art, graffiti, and wheat pasting. Dennis attended the Art Institute in Pittsburgh before returning home and then later on receiving his Bachelors and Masters in Studio art at the University of Saint Francis. He began with more figurative work which grew and developed into a contemporary take on abstraction. Heavily influenced by masters like, Pollock, Dekooning, Picasso, Matte, Odilon Redon, Motherwell, Rauschenberg and Dine his style and approach continues to grow.

Artist Statement

Nature grabs us with every step; it has a pure unadulterated abstraction. The inspiration that I grab from nature is that abstraction, the way it is not conformed to a certain space or set in a real status quo. Beauty can be found in the simplest of forms. A simple puddle and how it resends to vapor, its cracks and crevices create abstractions. I am equally inspired by the insect kingdom and the millions of adversity it shares with us. They can blend, transform and seem to break push every rule nature has. This body of work is a reflection of those inspirations, it pushes me in new directions and each will be different, just as the change of each day.