Daniel Baxter

“The World is not a ready made place, we make it. This involves a constant battle, creative imagination is the key to victory, and following your heart is the best way to fight. In Making this place our own, we carve out of the whiteness a new world of color.  Art is one word for the essential human right to make the world a better place in whatever way we can every day of our lives. The artist never retires from their job of imagination and creation, they wonder and exercise all of the skills they have to make the world. Every person needs to use their ability as asset and their time as resource. Ask yourself, who told you today what to do tomorrow?  Imagine what could be better and how to make it different, and look at your hands, if they are empty, find something to do.
My art is a way for people to see other possibilities we haven’t dreamed before. Weird and fun things we haven’t ever seen are suddenly real. Art brings us together for a party.   I hope people want to make things with time and imagination. The world is not a ready made place.”