Alec Johnson
Bytes and Pieces

March-April 2016 Off-Site Exhibitor:

Alec Johnson is a Hoosier by choice from northeast Iowa by way of Minnesota, Texas, and Vancouver, British Columbia. He currently serves as City Landscape Architect in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he works in park and urban design, and long-term master planning. Alec is also a working artist and musician. On the art side, Alec is the co-founder of the Publicity Studio Collective based in Fort Wayne, IN. Publicity Studio specializes in small, through large scale public art including sculpture, land art, and interactive multi-media installations. As a musician, Alec operates Smart Alec MusicWorks, a music production house working in film, experimental art installations, and live performance. Alec’s latest work seeks to push the boundaries of art and technology in search of new forms of artistic expression.