Meet the Faces Behind #ExposureJFA

On December 15, 2015

Meet the Faces Behind #ExposureJFA

Our current show, Exposure: Instagram, the World’s Largest Gallery opened on November 28, 2015 and surpassed our attendance expectations by a long shot. As an art gallery located just barely within our city’s limits (and without a separate entrance), this 14 person group exhibition brought in our most diverse and engaged crowd yet.

This is exactly why we wanted to do Exposure; talent in our city abounds, and we aim to create any opportunity to get a group of creative people in the same room. Below you’ll find information about each of the Instagram users featured in the exhibition. And guess what? We still have some pieces available! Check it out.

Exposure JFA Artists

Ruth Yarosloski, @ruthyaro

“I was raised in Indiana, and I had big dreams of East Coast living. Then I met the man of my dreams and moved to the West Coast. After living in Boston and Seattle, I find myself back in the Midwest. In 2011, on a drizzly Pacific Northwest morning, I married my amazing husband Nate. He has the best one liners and loves coffee way more than a human should, but there is no one else I would rather dance around my living room with. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating something. If one looked hard enough they could find my homework between all of my doodling and daydreams I put down on paper. I could never tell you which song was from N*SYNC or The Backstreet Boys; however, I do know which film scores were composed by Hans Zimmer. I thrive in a world of imagination and creativity, and I’ve discovered that photography is a beautiful way to share that with others.  To me photography isn’t only documenting one’s story; it’s an art form I can lose myself in.”

Andre Portee, @rosewoodfilm

Andre Portee is a photographer and designer located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Specializing in creative portraits, lifestyle portraits, fashion, advertisements, print/web media, and product branding. Andre Portee started Rosewood Film in 2010 and has been shooting for a wide range of different clients including tattoo/artwork magazines, businesses, book publishers, fashion brands and musicians. Andre welcomes all companies big and small.

Derek Bianski, @breakingbianski

Art school drop out and automotive enthusiast. As the creative director/leader of a drift racing team, Derek has been featured in magazines along with numerous other media outlets. His plan is to continuously evolve and expand into other disciplines of artistic expression.

Lindsay Cheesebrew of @birdandcleaver

Bowie and Slayer, Baking and Butchery, Good Cop and Bad, Jane Eyre and Conan, Red Wine Beer, Snuggler and Wrestler, Idea and Opinion, Mom and Dad.

Adam Garland, @adam.garland

Passionate about narrative, Adam is a creative idealist thriving in Northeast Indiana. His work has been featured by “99% Invisible” and TED among others. He enjoys loud music, strong coffee, and staring at clouds. He is taller in real life.

Michael Edgerton, @drawingstuff

Sometimes I draw stuff. It’s pretty chill.

Sean O’Leary, @scornfulcow

“Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Sean O’Leary has been described as an idol for his generation. Literally, amazing. No Joke. Sean is currently kicking ass as a graphic design student at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne in the Visual Communication and Design department. He is acclaimed by his professors, and is an all-around badass designer and photographer.”

Ashley Letourneau, @ashleyletourneau

“On my third grade report card my teacher wrote, ‘A girl with a thousand questions.’ Questions I’m still trying to answer, through my lens. I am passionately curious about life and its people. How all of the moments in our lives shape the relationships we build, the love we create and the moments we experience.”

Whitney Utesch, @carpendaughter

Lots of house stuff. Thrifted finds. My cats. People I love. Food. Indiana. Renovating an old house. Too lazy for a blog.

Eden America, @edenamerica

Eden is a Fort Wayne native & has spent the past decade working as a jewelry design & replacement consultant in Cincinnati, Detroit, & most recently Los Angeles. Her hobbies include yoga at her home location of Studio Seva, visiting AHS gardens & conservatories, and an active traveling music junkie & hipster foodie. Her Instagram feed is a reflection of her botanical and women’s holistic health & self-care interests.

Megan Hevel, @meganhevel

art teacher ???? Sony a6000 ???? Elliot

Ashley Martin, @trashleymartin

Ashley is a photographer from Fort Wayne Indiana. She photographs her day-to-day life, travels, favorite books, and architecture.

Dusty Neal, @dustyneal

Tattooer/Co-Owner BLACK ANVIL TATTOO. Pictured with his daughter, Morrissey.

Rachel Von, @rachelvonart

Rachel Von is a 27 year old visual journalist, fine artist, and overall pattern obsessed human being from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography. Currently she works as a Staff Photographer for The Journal Gazette covering events, stories, portraits and sports as well as shooting a fair amount of video. In her free time she enjoys riding bikes, listening to records, developing film, painting, and just being weird.

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