5 Reasons to Attend a Gallery Opening in the Midwest

On October 23, 2015

5 Reasons to Attend a Gallery Opening in the Midwest


Frank Louis Allen's Opening Reception, September 17 2015.

Guests admiring the work of JFA artist Frank Louis Allen at his opening reception on September 17, 2015.

The art scene in the Midwest has blossomed in recent years due to regional appreciation for creative talent, affordable live/work spaces for artists, and the ability for artists to gain international attention through social media and other marketing opportunities.

That means that more artists with a presence in the major markets of the East and West Coast are choosing to live in smaller communities due to affordable housing, large studio spaces, and unique inspirational perspectives.  As a result, galleries are developing to meet the needs of these artists, their apprentices, and students.  With new art galleries, comes exciting opportunities to network, enjoy a fun night out, and learn more about at styles and influences.

Here are 5 benefits to attending an art opening in the Midwest:

1. The artist is usually in attendance and eager to discuss his/her work.  

In major markets, artists are also in attendance, however their time is typically monopolized by so many people that it is hard to have a personal conversation about the style, influence and process of that artist.

Alex Hall - Alex in Wonderland-45

Artist Alexandra Hall talking to guests at her Opening Reception on October 14, 2015.

2. Come as you are.

Most Midwestern Art Openings are casual get togethers for both art experts and novices.  You may see edgy styles and fashion forward trends, but for the most part everyone is out to enjoy a no-fuss experience with friends.

3. There is no cost.

Art Openings all over the world are free and open to the public.  They feature wine, beer and light appetizers for everyone to enjoy.  Be sure to ask to be put on the mailing list for other free events such as lectures, children’s programing, and curator tours.
Team JFA at Frank Louis Allen's Opening Reception

Gallery Director Bridget O’Reilly, Jennifer Ford, and intern Shanel Turner at Frank Louis Allen’s Opening.

4. Bring Friends

Opening Night at an art gallery can be an electric atmosphere.  New work from an artist is being debuted for the first time and many people are eager to discuss the work and learn from the new perspectives that the artists portray.

5. You can come back whenever the gallery is open.

Was the art so memorable that you need to come back?  Have you decided to take home one of the pieces? Should your friends see this exhibition? Come back!  Art Galleries typically have regular business hours and are not by appointment only.  When you arrive, a friendly art gallery director will be eager to tell you more about the works, or they are happy to have you linger on your own in front of your favorite pieces.
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