About Jennifer Ford

On September 21, 2015

About Jennifer Ford

Innocence and altruism remained a part of my life far past those difficult teenage years when most of my friends were questioning everything: their parents, the Church, how they fit in and what their identity was. My struggle was not the same only because my imaginative life was so strong. Books were my escape! Disney heroines were close personal friends. Movies and music moved me. Art, especially, provided a rabbit hole that could occupy hours and hours of my day. I remember being 17 years old when I first made the realization that the life I conjured for myself and the one in reality were vastly different. So I set out to find it.

My first stop was the vast western landscape of Montana. I had never seen mountains and the feeling of being so small in such a big world has kept me moving to this day. I wanted to know more and see more about the world I had experienced only on screen or in the pages of books. Over the past 20 years I have lived in Vienna, Boston, New York, Miami, Prague, Bloomington IN, and many other locations through out the world.

I have become a curator of experiences. 

I travel incessantly and I have an insatiable hunger for culture and knowledge in any way I can get it. Food, fashion, and art fill my soul and bring me joy. I have become a curator of experiences. Some of these quests have led me down dark paths, and I have made bad choices by being addicted to the “new”. However, all of these encounters have provided an abundant life full of friends from around the world, a professional passion in the arts, and an open mind. All of which I have the privilege of sharing with my 9-year old son and understanding husband.

When I was asked from a young age what I wanted to be my answer was never typical: Alice in Wonderland, Indiana Jones, Lois Lane, James Bond, Peter Pan. Today I answer the same way despite my successful career and established family. I will always remain a curious adventurer.

As a result, I am a puddle of dichotomies and inconsistancies.  I would be happy in a remote log cabin or NYC studio apartment.  I love dressing up at ComiCon and at Fashion Week in Paris.  I can slave away in the kitchen trying to make a gluten free version of my mother’s Rhubarb pie or enjoy a 16 course meal at a James Beard restaurant in Chicago.  My Christian faith keeps me grounded and yoga keeps me sane.  Put me in any situation that challenges me and I will be content.

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